Our state of the art hair restoration program uses various methods of hair regrowth, such as: Nutrafol Hair Restoration System, PRP/PRFM Injection Therapy and Scalp Micropigmentation.


Treatments are tailored specifically to the individual and complex reasons for their hair loss. A consult is required to be accepted into this program.


Our success is in the 98th percentile for hair regrowth in our patients, book a consult today to see your own results!  


Nutrafol Hair Restoration, part of our Hair Restoration Program, is the perfect system for men, women as well as more complex hair loss such as in peri-menopausal Women.


This system is the first multifactorial, whole-body health approach to hair re-growth. Multiple common imbalances that affect overall wellness can shorten the hair growth phase, delay new growth, and cause new hair to grow in thinner. The ingredients in this growth management system are backed by impressive clinical research in the world of Dermatology. No matter your gender, age, genetics, or hair goals, there is a formula for you. 

Women's System: Improves growth, thickness and strength.

Women's Balance System: For peri-menopausal women, improves hair growth and thickness through the complex hormonal changes brought on through menopause. 

Men's System: Improves hair growth, thickness as well as scalp coverage.


PRP & PRFM are derived from your own blood cells, therefore it is safe for even the most sensitive of individuals. By tapping into the body's own healing factors contained within your blood platelets we are able to provide the greatest healing and regenerative benefits possible.


This process is a non-surgical alternative to hair restoration. By stimulating follicles and extending hair growth cycles we are unlocking natural hair regrowth and unparalleled results natural looking results.


A safe, non-surgical hair restoration technique known as scalp micropigmentation that restores the appearance of your hairline through natural pigmentation.


Our award winning practitioner artfully applies multiple shades of pigment to the epidermal layer of the scalp with micro-fine needles. These thousands of tiny impressions give the appearance of real hair creating the look of greater hair density.


Ideal for both men and women from early stages of thinning to advanced hair loss. There is no need to worry about the blurring, migration or a change in color the color of the pigment and this technique will only need to be touched up after three to six years, depending on your hair growth.

During your free consult, if you are accepted into our hair restoration program, some or all of these techniques will be combined with other treatments to create a special tailored program specific to you. Both price and timelines for your treatments greatly depends on your individual needs.