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Hot Stone Massage


Elevate your experience with our exclusive service enhancements designed to complement and enhance your treatments. From soothing aromatherapy to targeted hot stone therapy and invigorating exfoliation, our enhancements are tailored to elevate your spa experience to new heights of relaxation and rejuvenation. Experience the healing benefits of essential oils with our massage therapy aromatherapy add-on, designed to calm the mind and promote overall well-being. Or, indulge in the therapeutic warmth of hot stones strategically placed to melt away tension and enhance the benefits of your massage or body treatment. For those seeking radiant skin, our exfoliating enhancements gently slough away dull, dry skin, leaving you with a luminous, refreshed complexion. Discover the ultimate indulgence and customize your spa experience with our luxurious service enhancements, ensuring every visit leaves you feeling renewed, revitalized, and truly pampered.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are spa service enhancements?

Spa service enhancements are additional treatments or features that can be added to your primary spa service to enhance its benefits and tailor the experience to your specific preferences and needs. These enhancements may include aromatherapy, hot stone therapy, exfoliation, gua sha, BioLift® (microcurrent), or specialized mask or serum  applications, among others.

How do spa service enhancements enhance my spa experience?

Spa service enhancements enhance your spa experience by providing additional therapeutic benefits, relaxation, and customization options. Whether you're looking to deepen relaxation, target specific areas of tension, or enhance the results of your primary treatment, enhancements offer a personalized touch to ensure a truly indulgent and rejuvenating experience.

Are spa service enhancements suitable for everyone?

Spa service enhancements are generally suitable for most individuals, but it's essential to consider any specific health concerns or preferences before adding enhancements to your treatment. For example, if you have sensitivities to certain ingredients or medical conditions that may be affected by heat or pressure, it's important to communicate this information with your spa therapist to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

How do I choose the right spa service enhancements for me?

Choosing the right spa service enhancements depends on your individual preferences, goals, and the primary treatment you've selected. Consider what areas you'd like to focus on (such as relaxation, tension relief, or skin rejuvenation) and discuss your options with your spa therapist. They can recommend enhancements that complement your primary treatment and address your specific needs, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience.

Are spa service enhancements included in the cost of my primary treatment?

Spa service enhancements are available as optional add-ons for an additional fee. The cost of enhancements vary depending on the type and duration of the treatment. It's essential to inquire about pricing and availability when booking your spa appointment to ensure that you can customize your experience according to your preferences and budget.

How long do spa service enhancements typically last?

The duration of spa service enhancements varies depending on the type of enhancement and the primary treatment. Some enhancements, such as aromatherapy or HydraFacial Amouples, may be incorporated into the overall treatment time, while others, like Gua Sha or LED Therapy, may add additional time to your session. Your spa therapist can provide specific information about the duration of enhancements and how they will be integrated into your treatment.

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