Using micro-needling, a small device that produces tiny puncture wounds in the dermal layer of the skin, for scar softening. In addition a custom blended permanent tattoo camouflage in a combined approach revises many types of scars, including: surgical scars, post skin grafting, breast augmentation/reduction, burn scarring and more.

$100, per square inch


Moles, skin tags and other lesions can easily be removed during a simple in-office procedure.


Your medical professional will take a thorough medical history and examination to determine that the area of removal is neither suspicious nor abnormal before any removal will take place. Our highly trained providers also provide a brief overview of skin health, things to look for, and what to do if a suspicious area forms on the skin.


We work closely with dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the area – if we determine that a biopsy is necessary you will be referred to a collaborative provider. We will not perform any removals if you have a history of skin cancer. 

$150 per Removal


If you are unsure if a treatment or procedure is appropriate for your skin type or condition we would like to put you on the right path to meet your beauty and wellness goals. All of our consultations are free.


While some of our treatments require a consultation before booking--you may also wish to meet with one of our master skin care consultants or nurse practitioners for a comprehensive, tailored treatment plan.