60 Minutes, $150     -     20 min retouch, $50


If you are unsure if a treatment or procedure is appropriate for your skin type or condition we would like to put you on the right path to meet your beauty and wellness goals. All of our consultations are free.


While some of our treatments require a consultation before booking--you may also wish to meet with one of our master skin care consultants or nurse practitioners for a comprehensive, tailored treatment plan.  

Advanced teeth whitening without the sensitivity. This unique formula is safe and effective for the most sensitive of teeth. No strips, no trays. No extraneous additives.

Your provider will individually "paint" each tooth with a specialized peroxide based blend before placing you under a blue light which speeds the reaction time. It is advisable to use a straw for the following 3 days to discourage stain uptake to the teeth.


How long will it last? In a perfect world without foods and beverages that contain high staining effects, one session lasts for 2 years. However, due to coffee, tea, ketchup, red wine, etc, it is necessary to keep our smile bright with a 20 minute retouch 3-4 times a year.