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Facial Pricing:

VIP Facial Club

Basic Facial Club


$100 +tax, monthly

$60 +tax, monthly

$120 +tax

VIP Facial

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Facial Pricing
* Please note dermaplane member and non-member pricing without a facial is $50. 

A fully customized facial every month! You are automatically charged on the 1st of the month. Your credits never expire and can be used towards other services, upgrades & products! 


Q: Is there a fee for canceling my membership? 

A: Yes, if you cancel before three months you are charged the full price of your facial or facials. After three months there's no charge to stop or pause your membership. 

Q: What happens if I miss a month? 

A: Your credit is saved to your account. You can use it to upgrade to a Hydrafacial, towards add-ons, let friends or family use it, buy products with it - it's like buying yourself a gift card that never expires each month. 

Q: Can I pick what facial I want?

A: Each facial is fully customized to your skin and circumstances each and every month. We keep track of your goals and use the most results-driven products each and every month. 

Q: Why monthly facials?

A: We get this question a lot, "How often should I get a facial?" We recommend a facial every month. Why? Because the average cell cycle of the skin is about 28 days, therefore it's a good idea to give these new cells a boost every new cell cycle.  

Q: What add-ons are included with the VIP facial membership?

A: Extended area add-ons, like the soothing lip treatment, neck & decollete treatment, hand rejuvenation, and eye rejuvenation treatment. Also, Add-ins are included. Like the Glycolic resurfacing, Hydrafacial platinum upgrade, and LED treatments.

Q: How do I sign up? 

A: If you are booking online, book whichever tier you are interested in participating in. If you are booking over the phone, just let your scheduler know you are interested.

Q: Why 10% off facial products for both VIP and Basic?

A: Taking your skincare home with you is one of the most vital steps in achieving your beauty goals. We don't expect beautiful teeth if we only go to the dentist once a month and the rest of the month we use either no tools or the wrong tools to keep our teeth clean. We shouldn't expect drastic results from receiving facial treatments once a month without daily at-home skincare support either. That's why we like to give our patients a little extra incentive to say yes to taking care of their skin and pampering themselves daily no matter what tier they decide to join! You may already have a product line that you adore and works beautifully for your skin, and that's wonderful too! 

Q: What products are used in your facials? 

A: We use MD grade Jan Marini Skin Research. Our products are stronger than a typical spa has access to, so you can achieve your goals faster and maintain the results you want. 

Q: How long are your facials?

A: About 50-60 minutes. Please allow about 10-15 minutes extra for glycolic resurfacing or dermaplaning add -ons. 


Basic Facial
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