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Nurse Practitioner

Cincinnati, OH, USA

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

As a Dermatology and Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner, your role combines dermatological expertise with aesthetic knowledge to provide comprehensive care to patients seeking dermatological and cosmetic treatments. Here is a detailed job description for a Dermatology and Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner:

1. Dermatological Assessment and Diagnosis:
- Conduct thorough patient assessments, including obtaining medical histories, performing physical examinations, and evaluating skin conditions.
- Diagnose and differentiate various dermatological conditions, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, skin cancers, and infections.
- Order and interpret diagnostic tests, such as skin biopsies, cultures, and allergy testing.

2. Treatment Planning and Management:
- Develop individualized treatment plans based on patients' specific dermatological conditions, aesthetic concerns, and goals.
- Prescribe medications, including topical creams, oral medications, and antibiotics, as necessary.
- Perform dermatological procedures like biopsies, cryotherapy, excisions, suturing, and other minor surgical interventions.
- Monitor treatment effectiveness, make adjustments as needed, and provide ongoing care for chronic dermatological conditions.

3. Aesthetic Procedures:
- Assess and address patients' aesthetic concerns, such as wrinkles, fine lines, volume loss, hyperpigmentation, and facial rejuvenation.
- Administer aesthetic treatments, including injectables (Botox, dermal fillers), laser therapies, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other minimally invasive procedures.
- Provide pre- and post-treatment care instructions, educate patients about potential risks and benefits, and manage any complications that may arise.

4. Patient Education and Counseling:
- Educate patients about their dermatological conditions, treatment options, and expected outcomes.
- Provide counseling on skincare practices, sun protection, and lifestyle modifications to promote overall skin health.
- Offer guidance on appropriate skincare products, including recommending medical-grade skincare lines.
- Answer patient questions, address concerns, and provide emotional support throughout the treatment process.

5. Collaboration and Referrals:
- Collaborate with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other healthcare professionals to coordinate patient care, consult on complex cases, and make appropriate referrals.
- Work in conjunction with aesthetic providers, such as medical aestheticians and laser technicians, to deliver comprehensive aesthetic services.

6. Documentation and Record-Keeping:
- Maintain accurate and detailed electronic health records (EHR) of patient assessments, diagnoses, treatments, and follow-ups.
- Ensure proper documentation of procedures performed, including consent forms and treatment plans.
- Adhere to legal and regulatory requirements, maintaining patient confidentiality and privacy.

7. Professional Development:
- Stay current with advancements in dermatology, aesthetics, and related fields by attending conferences, workshops, and continuing education programs.
- Engage in professional organizations and networks to exchange knowledge, best practices, and stay abreast of industry trends.

8. Compliance and Quality Assurance:
- Comply with state regulations, licensing requirements, and scope of practice for Nurse Practitioners.
- Adhere to clinic or facility policies and protocols, including infection control measures and safety guidelines.
- Participate in quality improvement initiatives to enhance patient care outcomes and practice efficiency.


As a Dermatology and Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner, you will be responsible for providing comprehensive dermatological and aesthetic care to patients. This specialized role requires advanced training and certification as a Nurse Practitioner, along with additional knowledge and skills in dermatology and aesthetics. Here are the typical job requirements for a Dermatology and Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner:

1. Education and Licensure:

- Completion of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program from an accredited institution.

- Licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN) in the state where you plan to practice.

- Completion of a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program with a specialization in dermatology and aesthetics.

- Board certification as a Nurse Practitioner in dermatology or a related field. (e.g., Adult-Gerontology Nurse

Practitioner or Family Nurse Practitioner with a focus on dermatology).

2. Clinical Experience:

- Prior experience as a registered nurse, preferably in dermatology or a related field, is often required.

- Experience in dermatological assessments, diagnosis, and treatment planning.

- Familiarity with common dermatological procedures such as biopsies, cryotherapy, excisions, and suturing.

- Experience in aesthetic procedures such as injectables (e.g., Botox, dermal fillers), laser treatments, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion is highly desirable.

3. Dermatological Knowledge and Skills:

- In-depth understanding of dermatological conditions, diseases, and treatment options.

- Proficiency in conducting comprehensive dermatological assessments, including taking patient histories, performing physical examinations, and ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests.

- Ability to diagnose and develop treatment plans for common skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and skin cancers.

- Knowledge of managing chronic skin conditions and providing ongoing care and education to patients.

4. Aesthetic Knowledge and Skills:

- Proficiency in performing aesthetic procedures safely and effectively.

- Expertise in assessing patient needs and developing personalized treatment plans to address aesthetic concerns.

- Understanding of facial anatomy and knowledge of injectables, laser treatments, chemical peels, and other aesthetic procedures.

- Ability to provide patient education on pre- and post-treatment care, potential risks, benefits, and expected outcomes.

5. Communication and Interpersonal Skills:

- Excellent communication skills to establish rapport with patients, explain diagnoses and treatment plans, and address patient concerns.

- Collaborative approach to work effectively with dermatologists, other healthcare professionals, and aesthetic providers.

- Empathy and active listening skills to understand patient needs and provide compassionate care.

6. Continuous Learning and Professional Development:

- Commitment to ongoing education and staying updated on the latest advancements in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

- Willingness to attend conferences, workshops, and training programs to enhance knowledge and skills.

7. Professional Conduct and Ethics:

- Adherence to ethical standards and maintaining patient confidentiality.

- Compliance with state regulations, guidelines, and standards of care in dermatology and aesthetics.

- Strong dedication to patient safety, quality care, and evidence-based practice.

About the Company

At A.A.G., we are dedicated to providing exceptional dermatological care to our patients. Here is an overview of our dermatology clinic, including our mission, values, and a brief history of our practice.

Our mission is to deliver comprehensive and compassionate dermatological services, utilizing the latest advancements in medical knowledge and technology. We strive to improve the skin health and overall well-being of our patients, empowering them to lead healthier, happier lives.

1. Patient-Centered Care: We prioritize the needs and concerns of our patients, ensuring their comfort, privacy, and satisfaction throughout their dermatological journey.
2. Excellence: We are committed to delivering the highest standard of dermatological care, upholding clinical expertise, continuous learning, and evidence-based practices.
3. Compassion: We treat each patient with empathy, kindness, and respect, recognizing the emotional impact that skin conditions can have on their lives.
4. Collaboration: We foster a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach, working closely with patients, healthcare professionals, and referring physicians to achieve optimal outcomes.
5. Integrity: We maintain the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency, honesty, and confidentiality in all our interactions and practices.

Brief History:
A.A.G. was established in 2019 by Renée Topala. Since its inception, our practice has been dedicated to serving the dermatological needs of the community. Over the years, we have grown to become a trusted and leading dermatology clinic, renowned for our expertise, personalized care, and commitment to patient satisfaction.

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of various skin conditions, including but not limited to acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer, dermatitis, and cosmetic dermatology procedures.

Throughout our history, we have remained at the forefront of advancements in dermatology, embracing state-of-the-art technology and innovative treatment modalities. Our commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest research ensures that our patients receive the most effective and advanced care available.We are excited to have you join our clinic for your clinical and look forward to working together as we continue to make a positive impact on the lives of our patients .If you have any further questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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