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We made it to June!

Welcome to June! 

This month is all about skin renewal.

Special features for June include one FREE Microcarbon Laser Peel or Dermaplane for all facial club members. Join Today! 

Botox: 10% off 

Filler: 20% off 

Nutrafol for Hairloss: 25% off 

Latisse: 25% off 

All Doterra Products: 25% off 

Laser Hair Removal: 10% off 

RF Skin tightening treatments: 10% off 

Masks, facials, & Peels 

Hyperpigmentation:Luminate Facial, Glycolic Resurfacing, Refine Peel, Transform Peel 

Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Texture: C-Esta Facial, Retinol Plus Facial, Glycol Resurfacing, Refine Peel, Transform Peel 

Acne: Proteolytic Enzyme Facial, Retinol Plus Facial, Glycolic Resurfacing Protocols, Clarify Peel 

Redness: Proteolytic Enzyme Facial, Marini Luminate Facial, Glycolic Resurfacing 

Hydration: Micro Mask 

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