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Advanced Aesthetics Group, Medical Spa
Unsure what to book? feel free to book as many consultations as you'd like for a $50 office fee.

Wrinkle Reduction 



Botox®                                $13.25/unit

Xeomin®                            $13.25/unit

Jeuveau ®                         $13.25/unit

Dysport®                            $4.30/unit

Kybella®                             $600/treatment

Hyperhidrosis                 $1100

TMJ Therapy                   $10.75/unit

Mini Filler Lift                  $2100

Full Filler Lift                   $2900

Lip Filler                            $750/vial

Lip Flip                               $120 

Gummy Smile                 $120

Cheek Filler                      $750/vial

Chin Filler                         $750/vial

Undereye PRP/PRFM  $600/treatment

Liquid Nose Job            $999

Jaw Contouring             $2999

Products used at AAG: 

Juvederm® Skinvive, Voluma, Ultra Plus, Ultra, Volume, Volbella, Voluma, Revanesse® Versa, Lips+, Restylane® Refyne, Defyne, Lyft, Radiesse®


Thinning & Hair loss     $600

Aging Skin                         $600

Microneedling                 $800

Undereye Hollows         $600

Growth Factor Therapy


Skin Tightening

Procell® Skin Tightening      $450/session

Procell® Hair Restoration     $450/session

Plaxel® Skin Tightening Plasma Pen

                             11 lines  $300

                Upper Eyelid   $500

                Lower Eyelid  $500

                        Brow Lift  $450 

                    Crows Feet $300

                       Forehead  $500

                            Cheeks $800

                   Smile Lines $400

              Smoker Lines  $300

               Lip Plumping  $600

             Jowls/Jawline  $800

                    Total Neck  $1800

             Tops of Hands  $800

                    Breast Lift  $2000 


Microneedling Growth Factors & Peptides $900/session

Microneedling Hyaluronic Acid Hydration $600/session

Microneedling PRP/PRFM $800/session

Collagen Skin Tightening Therapy for Face & neck $200/session

Eyes, Brows & Lashes

Babe Original® Lash Serum      $65

Babe Original® Brow Serum     $75

Upneeq® for Low-lying lids       $230

Body Revision & Treatments

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing      $600/session

RF Fat Melting/Tightening     $200/session

AAG Body Sculpt Toning          $200/session

US Fat Loss &Toning                 $200/session

Collagen Skin Tightening/Cellulite Therapy  

(Arms, Midsection or Legs)     $200/session



Jan Marini® Clarify I                    $115

Jan Marini® Refine II                  $125

Jan Marini® Transform III         $135

Prosana® Jessner Peel             $255

Prosana® TCA Intense Peel    $255

IV Therapy




IV: Get Up & Go (Energy)             $179

IV: B-Lean (Weight Loss)           $181

IV: Immune Defense                     $184

IV: Quench (Hydrate)                     $187

IV: Inner Beauty                             $188

IV: Recovery & Performance    $194

Lipo Injection                                  $25

Lipo-B Injection                             $25

Lipo-C Injection                             $25

B Complex Injection                     $25

Immune Boost Injection            $50

Teeth Whitening

Initial 60 minute Session       $150

Retouch 20 minutes                $50

Retouch take home pen        $25

Laser Therapy

Hyperpigmentation/Melasma $200/session

Rosacea/Redness  Therapy     $200/session

Spider Vein Removal                    $200/session

Vascular Treatment                     $200/session

Skin Tightening                              $200/session

Laser Hair Reduction Priced Per Session

Chin, Between Brows, Front Hairline, or Lip                                $65

Bikini, Underarm, Lip & Chin or Neck                                             $80

Chin & Neck or Full Face                                                                       $90

Upper legs, Lower legs, Chest, or Abdomen                               $100

Full legs or Brazilian (Women Only)                                                  $130

*Lasers used at AAG: Candela® Gentlemax, Cyanosure® Picosure, Syneron® Emax 

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