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The SKIN Clinic

Welcome to our boutique skin clinic, your partner in achieving and maintaining flawless skin. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses primary care dermatology, cutting-edge labs, and meticulous pathology evaluations. We provide annual skin checks to ensure your skin's vitality. Additionally, we specialize in removals and scar corrections, helping you regain confidence in your skin's appearance. Trust us to deliver personalized, expert care tailored to your unique needs.


Although you can use your HSA benefits card, we are

a concierge service and therefore do not accept

insurance. Ages 13 and up. 

  • Annual Skin Checks 

  • Acne 

  • Accutane Therapy

  • Melasma

  • Rosacea 

  • Warts/Moles

  • Hives and Rashes

  • Skin Infections

  • Hair Loss

  • Eczema 

  • Cosmetic Skin Care 

  • Scars 

  • Labs and More!

Mole mapping and annual skin checks

Office Visit Type

Type I: For ESTABLISHED PATIENTS ONLY to follow-up on stable conditions, obtain medication refills, or for monitoring a few known lesions. Accutane Patients. $50 

Type II: For NEW PATIENTS with 1-2 concerns, or needing a partial skin check. For ESTABLISHED PATIENTS with a new concern, follow-up on multiple issues, or needing lesion removal. This appointment is NOT for full body skin and mole examinations. $150

Type III: For NEW or ESTABLISHED PATIENTS desiring a FULL BODY SKIN CHECK/FULL BODY MOLE EXAMINATION, more than 2 new concerns, initial hair loss visit, follow-up on multiple concerns, or anyone desiring additional time with their provider. $200

Procedures (in addition to office visit fee)

Mole Removal: $50/each

Skin Tag Removal: $30/each 

Liquid Nitrogen/Freezing: per 5 lesions $30 

Milia Extraction: per 5 lesions $30  

Shave Biopsy/Shave Removal: each 45*

Intralesional Kenalog Injection: $80 

Punch Biopsy without sutures: $50 *

Punch Biopsy with sutures: 100*

*Pathology fees not included

Laser Therapy    $200/Session




Acne Scarring 



Solar Lentigines

Seborrheic Keratosis

Chemical Peels    

Jan Marini Clarify I

Jan Marini Refine II 

Jan Marini Transform III

Prosana Jessner Peel 

Prosana TCA Intense Peel 

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