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Combat Aging Skin

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin

texture are commonly assumed to

be an inevitable result of aging. This

belief, however, is not accurate.

Most of these changes are caused

by a loss of collagen and elastin in

the skin due to cumulative sun exposure

and environmental damage. In fact,

90-95 % of perceived aging is due to sun

damage. Coupled with a decrease in

cellular turnover with age, the result is

dull, lax, and wrinkled skin.

Key Causes of Visible Signs of Aging:

- Loss of Collagen -

- Sun Damage -

- Loss of Elastin-

Did you know?

By the time someone is in their 60-70's,

they have lostas much as 40-60% of

the collagen in their dermis,

resulting in lost strength, volume

and wrinkles.

The Key to Addressing Aging Skin

Resurface the skin with key ingredients

like retinol and multiple targeted acids

and rejuvenate the skin with advanced

ingredients like growth factors,

hyaluronic acid, cycloastragenol and


Pairing the right skin care along with skin

texture treatmentsfor additional

resurfacing to dramatically improve the

appearance of texture, fine lines and

wrinkles and minimize or prevent additional

future damage.

Key Ingredients to Combat Aging Skin:

Skin Resurfacing Acids

Exfoliating your skin with

resurfacing technologies

including Alpha Hydroxy

Acids (AHAs) like

glycolic acid, Beta Hydroxy Acids

(BHAs) like salicyclic acid

have been shown to assist the

cellular turnover process by

removing dry skin cells,

helping to thin our the upper

layer of the skin as well as support

production of new collagen

and elastin. Glycolic acid can also

hydrate the skin and enhance

collagen and elastin

production to create more volume.


Retinoids, like all trans-retinol,

stimulate collagen production and

thicken the dermis to reduce the

appearance of wrinkles but not all

retinoids are created equally.

The type of retinoid, the

concentration and the

manufacturing process directly

affect the efficacy and result

of the final product.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for multiple

reasons! It is a powerful antioxidant

that helps prevent environmental

aging in the skin, predominantly

caused by sun exposure. The skin

also needs Vitamin C to continually

make collagen, to maintain

firmness and for overall growth

and repair for skin health.

Peptides & Growth Factors

Peptides and growth factors serve

as building blocks for

collagen and elastin in the skin.

They react to specific receptor

sites so they can trigger and signal

more effective skin functioning,

helping skin to act in a younger

way. They assist in correcting some

of thecellular behavior that has

occured as a result of aging and

therefore help with the skin's

healing and repair to build collagen

& elastin to improve skin's overall

quality including the skin's texture

and elasticity.

Products designed to prevent aging skin:

In-office treatments:

Join our facial club for an

Anti-aging facial

- monthly for best effect

Laser Wrinkle Reduction

Bio-Lift Microcurrent


Dermal Fillers

and more!

Come in for a consultation for a detailed

plan that meets your needs!

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